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Tick and Mosquito Control

Tick and Mosquito Control Have Become a Priority

Let’s face it, these insects have become more than just a nuisance around your lawn and landscape, nowadays ticks and mosquitoes represent a real threat to our health. Diseases like Lyme, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Powassan Virus, West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis and Jamestown Canyon Virus have all been identified in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  Lawnmark Plus offers programs to help minimize these pests around your home.

  • Targeted and timely spraying reduces populations.
  • Responsible product choice is an absolute priority.
  • All technicians are appropriately trained and licensed.
  • Return visits and service calls are included with full programs
  • Most importantly all of our programs are designed to control nuisance insects and reduce the risk of contracting tick and mosquito borne illness.


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Tick Control Program

Defend Your Lawn, Family and Pets

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Ticks are a safety issue to your family and pets. Ticks are vectors for some pretty serious disease. The biggest issue with ticks is that because they are so small you seldom know that they are a problem until it’s too late. Ticks don’t move very quickly but tend to travel on pets and animals to end up directly in or around your home.  Once they are in contact with you or your pets they can latch on and do some pretty serious damage before you even know that they have bitten you.

Ticks can go for many months without taking a blood meal and can even be active during mild winters.   The majority of ticks are found within the area right outside wooded areas especially adjacent to stone walls, or ornamental plantings.

The goal with our tick control program is to eliminate all ticks in and around your lawn and set up a barrier that prevents them from travelling from wooded areas towards your house.  Six treatments delivered from spring to fall will help control and drastically reduce the population of ticks around your property.

Best of all we use a natural CEDAR OIL product that we have found works as well as if not better than any chemical control on the market……….and it smells great too.


BeeSafe Cedar Dome


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Create a Cedar Dome Over Your Property and Keep Out Nuisance Insects All Year Long!!!

We have all become acutely aware that ticks and mosquitos are a real threat to our health.  Aside from being disease carriers and threatening our children and our pets they are truly a nuisance all season long!  Our BeeSafe Cedar Dome service creates a barrier on the ground, in the trees, along your foundation and along your property lines that protects you from all nuisance insects.

Because we believe VERY STRONGLY in minimizing the environmental impact of insecticide use we have chosen a product that DOES NOT HARM THE ENVIRONMENT AND IS NOT HARMFUL TO BEES. Our concentrated Cedar Oil is extremely effective at controlling and repelling a long list of nuisance insects including ticks, black flies and mosquitoes.

The program includes 8 visits to your home.  We will do two treatments in the spring, two in the fall and a concentrated schedule of four visits over the summer when insect pressure is most severe.

How does the Cedar Dome work?

On the Ground: 

We spray a concentrated cedar solution on your lawn and landscape beds.  The result is an elimination of ticks and other turf damaging insects.

Around your Foundation Plantings:                        

Many insects, especially mosquitoes congregate around plants especially during daylight hours.

In the Air:

By blasting a Cedar Fog into your ornamentals and trees around your property we can successfully control and repel mosquitoes when they are bothering you the most.

Along your Wood Lines:

The woods are teeming with bugs that want to get you, your pets and your home… ESPECIALLY TICKS.  By creating a barrier along the wood lines of your home we can KEEP THEM OUT!

The BeeSafe Cedar Dome is a premium, all-inclusive insect control system.  If you want to keep nuisance insects out, build a Cedar Dome now!


Special Event Spraying


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Whether you are planning a wedding reception, shower or birthday party the last thing you wan to deal with is black flies, mosquitoes and ticks.  Our special event sprays will keep these insects away so that you and your guests can enjoy the day or evening.

Prior to the big day we will spray the entire site with a pleasant smelling control and repellent.  We will create a barrier around the area where your party is being held and be sure to apply a very concentrated amount of product in and around the area where guests will be congregating and food will be served.