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Optimized Lawn Care

What exactly is “Optimized Lawn Care?”

Well, to start with it’s absolutely the most effective way to a perfect lawn.  Over the years, the programs that lawn services have offered haven’t changed at all.  Think about this, if you’ve had the same lawn care service for any period of time, they’ve been applying the same exact products…month after month, year after year.  “Optimized Lawn Care” is changing all of that.  By using modern products that focus on the soil we can build a perfect lawn faster and maintain it better than any other lawn service you will find.

  • Optimized lawn care limits the number of “preventative” chemical treatments used in a growing season.  All those chemicals destroy soil biology and THAT IS A BAD THING.  (Ever notice they don’t work that well either.)
  • Optimized lawn care focuses on releasing nutrients that already exist in your soil.
  • Optimized lawn care builds thick, healthy turf by working with existing conditions.
  • Optimized lawn care controls weeds.
  • Optimized lawn care controls crabgrass.
  • Optimized lawn care uses the highest quality CLEAN fertilizers.
  • Most importantly “Optimized Lawn Care” is all about providing a thick, green, healthy and weed free lawn!

Additional Specialized Lawn Care Services Include:

  • Lime Applications:  We always test your pH and make specific recommendations.
  • Ant, Flea and Tick Control:  Rid your property of nuisance pests.
  • Preventative Grub Control:  We only use products that kill grubs…not Bees and Butterflies.
  • Organic Top Dressing:  Probably the best way to improve the long term health of your lawn.
  • Over Seeding:  The fastest way to inject new life into your lawn.
  • Aeration:  Reduce compaction by having us core aerate your lawn.