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Let’s Do This! Cleaning up your lawn.

How Cleaning Up Your NH Yard Helps Jumpstart Your Lawn
The snow is finally melting, and you can see the grass underneath it. It feels like ages since you were last enjoying your NH lawn.
Now, that spring is about spring, it’s […]

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Looking for a Less Toxic Weed Control? Lawnmark Plus can Use Liquid Corn Gluten

How Liquid Corn Gluten Works as a Pre-Emergent Weed Control
Are you looking for an organic weed control product that works as well as, or even better than, conventional weed control?
Then, you’re reading the right blog.
Liquid corn gluten works just as […]

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Spring Lawn Care Tips from Lawnmark

Spring Lawn Care Tips
We’re all looking for a few great tips on how to get the lawn looking really nice. Sometimes the issue is that it’s hard to get a straight answer from anybody on what to do, when to […]

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