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Why Your Lawn Needs Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Why Your Lawn Needs Pre-Emergent Weed Control
We know that spring has just sprung but before you know it, it’ll be time to put that first application of pre-emergent weed control on your Massachusetts or New Hampshire lawn.
Your lawn needs pre-emergent […]

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6 Tips to Save Your Lawn from Snow Mold

Lawnmark Plus Serving All of Southern New Hampshire & the Merrimack Valley
Both pink and gray snow molds occur under a blanket of snow. And since southern New Hampshire and western Massachusetts typically have long winters with a lot of snow, […]

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Avoid Triple E & the Zika Virus with Perimeter Mosquito Control

Summer is around the corner, and that means it’s mosquito-breeding time. With the wet spring we’ve had, there are more spots for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs.  Protect your family and friends this summer from two mosquito-borne diseases: Eastern […]

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How Cedar Oil Keeps Ticks Off of Your Lawn

Eck! It’s that time of year again to protect you and your family from the dreaded tick—especially the deer tick.
Even when there is  snow on the ground, ticks are still alive—though they pose a slight threat to you and your […]

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Contract Completion Report; City of Dover

During the winter of 2015, Lawnmark Plus was approached to supply a bid to care for the turf of two sites in the City of Dover using our Organic program.  The city had been asked to dedicate two sites to […]

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Let’s Do This! Cleaning up your lawn.

How Cleaning Up Your NH Yard Helps Jumpstart Your Lawn
The snow is finally melting, and you can see the grass underneath it. It feels like ages since you were last enjoying your NH lawn.
Now, that spring is about spring, it’s […]

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Looking for a Less Toxic Weed Control? Lawnmark Plus can Use Liquid Corn Gluten

How Liquid Corn Gluten Works as a Pre-Emergent Weed Control
Are you looking for an organic weed control product that works as well as, or even better than, conventional weed control?
Then, you’re reading the right blog.
Liquid corn gluten works just as […]

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Do you Enjoy Bird Watching?

How Feeding Birds Can Help You Enjoy Your Backyard in Winter
Lawnmark Plus Serving All of New Hampshire & Northern Massachusetts
Do you love to birdwatch? If you’re missing your backyard this winter, remember you can watch the birds enjoy the winter […]

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Winter in Lawn Care

Happy Holidays from the Lawnmark Plus Family
Lawnmark Plus Serving Southern New Hampshire & Northern Massachusetts
At Lawnmark Plus, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you for allowing us to work on your lawn. We know that you trust […]

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You Gotta Seed Now….Seriously.

Fall Lawn Care Alert: Why Your Yard Needs Core Aeration & Overseeding Services
Did you know that the soil beneath your lawn grass is a living, breathing organism?
Indeed, your soil needs to breathe just like you do—and that’s why your NH […]

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